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Film & Media

We have a team of experienced and skilled film and media lawyers who also have hands on experience in film and TV production. We don’t just offer strict legal advice – we do more than that. Through the experience of our team we have a unique insight into our clients’ needs which allows us to fully support our clients every step of the way from development, financing and production through to distribution.

Our clients in this sector include production companies, writers, directors, sales agents, distribution companies, marketing and advertising agencies, digital media businesses and television companies.

Our specialist areas include the negotiation and preparation of the following:

Development: writer’s agreements; rights acquisitions; life story rights; and option agreements.

Production: we can prepare and negotiate the full suite of production agreements including co-production agreements; director’s agreements; key cast and crew agreements; producer’s agreements; post production services agreements and composer and/or music licensing agreements.

Distribution: sales agency agreements; UK and international distribution agreements; and ancillary rights arrangements.

The pre-production clearance process can often be tricky for producers. Identifying what needs to be cleared and what can stay, what may or may not be defamatory, can be a difficult call. This is where our first class litigation team can help. They have a depth of experience in advising in this area and also in bringing and defending defamation claims and advising on High Court injunctions where necessary.

Our team can also advise on matters as diverse as advertising codes through to the protection and exploitation of intellectual property.

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Film & Media