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Aubrey Wood is a dedicated first-year trainee solicitor at iLaw, currently enhancing his skills in the litigation and dispute resolution department. With a keen eye on qualifying into the commercial and corporate side of law, Aubrey has already demonstrated a strong foundational understanding of legal practices through his successful completion of the SQE1 exam and achieving a distinction in his Master of Law.

Aubrey's journey in the legal field is marked by a distinct passion for the media and entertainment industries. This interest drives his ambition to specialise in areas where copyright and intellectual property law intersect with personal privacy concerns.  

Before joining iLaw, Aubrey gained valuable experience in healthcare litigation, where he developed a solid grasp of litigation practices in the UK. This experience included defending medical practitioners against clinical negligence claims and working on high-profile cases. His experience also includes six months of paralegal work.

In his current role at iLaw, Aubrey has been involved in various significant legal matters. These include assisting in cases related to commercial fraud, insolvency and bankruptcy petitions, and breach of contract disputes across different sectors.

Aubrey's background in Geography, focusing on social sciences, adds a unique perspective to his approach to law.

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