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International legal network co-founded by iLaw grows by more than a third

August 29, 2019
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One of the world’s fastest-growing legal networks, the International Commercial Law Alliance (ICLA) has grown by more than a third in the last year.

The group, which was co-founded in 2006 by iLaw and top 50 Dutch firm, DVAN, brings together commercial law firms from around the world to enhance services for clients.

Members of the closely interconnected group are celebrating the success of their network after welcoming 14 new members – expanding the group’s international reach to new regions, such as China.

The ICLA’s primary goal, beyond its own global expansion, is to enable clients to receive first-class legal advice to their clients in whatever jurisdiction is required.

When selecting new member firms, the ICLA looks beyond their reputation and expertise to ensure they are committed to the highest client care standards.

These standards are enshrined in the group’s written constitution, which all members must adhere to, ensuring that clients receive only the best advice and services.

Mark Culbert, Managing Partner of iLaw and a leading figure within the ICLA, said: “Growing recognition of the ICLA around the world and the standards that it sets is proving to be very attractive to law firms that are looking to provide clients with multi-jurisdictional expertise.

“As a group we work together on a wide range of complex legal issues for our clients, supporting fellow members by providing specific legal advice and support on local matters.

“By working together in this way, we can offer unrivalled levels of service in a much more cost-effective and efficient package.”

The ICLA is made up of 40 law firms located in 30 different countries, including the USA, Germany, Thailand, Russia, Switzerland and Brazil. It is anticipated that ICLA will see further growth in the years ahead, as more and more legal firms look to provide advice to their globalised client base.

You can find out more about the work of the ICLA here.

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