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Jade Preston joined iLaw as a Trainee Solicitor in 2022, bringing with her a notable academic and practical foundation. Awarded iLaw’s Sebastian Scammel Memorial Prize for her exceptional achievements in intellectual property law, Jade exemplifies iLaw’s values of commitment and specialisation. She graduated from the University of Bristol with a first-class LLB Law degree, demonstrating her dedication and proficiency in her field of study.

Currently, Jade is advancing her legal qualifications through the Solicitor Qualification Exams (SQE), simultaneously gaining valuable Qualifying Work Experience (QWE) at iLaw. Her legal interests are broad yet focused, encompassing corporate governance, intellectual property, insolvency, and banking law. This specialisation has allowed her to contribute effectively to complex cases, including a notable high-value international fraud case. This particular case showcased her ability to coordinate with multiple lawyers across different jurisdictions, highlighting her level of experience and responsibility.

With a keen focus on meeting clients' unique needs, Jade ensures that her legal advice is tailored and accessible. Her commitment to client-centric service has been a hallmark of her work ethic across various roles, demonstrating an innate ability to make clients feel supported and understood.

Jade's professional philosophy is centred on an outcomes-based approach. By prioritising clients' goals, she employs creative and effective solutions to navigate legal challenges. Her client-centric mindset, coupled with exceptional research skills, enables her to explore diverse problem-solving strategies, always with the clients' best interests in mind.

Jade's contributions to iLaw and her forward-thinking approach to law make her a valued member of the team. Her ability to connect with clients, combined with her dedication to their legal needs, positions her as an emerging talent within the legal profession.

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